An unused well
or a grave?

This is an abandoned well near a village in Jharkhand which has turned into a death trap for elephant calves.

Many such abandoned wells and irrigation trenches lie open with their walls long crumbled, and weed along the edges hiding them from view. Elephant herds crossing through these areas in search of food and water, have on numerous occasions lost their young calves to these wells, as they unsuspectingly move too close, lose their footing, and get helplessly trapped.

The baby does not die immediately. It panics... cries out for help... the mother and rest of the herd try all they can to rescue the calf, but eventually have to leave the fallen calf in the pit to die a slow and painful death.

This tragic situation can be avoided by the simple measure of covering up these wells and trenches to ensure these accidents do not happen anymore. Elephants cannot take these steps...

But what stops us?

Will you lend a hand to prevent a young elephant from drowning in an unused well?

Wildlife Trust of India is a national conservation organisation committed to effective action for the protection of India's natural heritage. Its principal objective includes managing or preventing wildlife crises and mitigating threats to individual wild animals, their populations and habitats through holistic strategies and practical interventions.