07 Nights / 08 Days

Delhi, Bodhgaya, Nalanda/Rajgir, Varanasi/Sarnath, Kushinagar, Lumbini, Sravasti, Agra/Delhi

In the Mahaparinirvana sutra, the Buddha tells his followers that they can attain merit and a noble rebirth by going on pilgrimage to the places where he was born (Lumbini), gained enlightenment (Bodhgaya), first taught (Sarnath), and attained Nirvana (Kushinagar).

India, the country where Buddhisim originated, still has rich reminiscence of the Buddhist legacy. As part of its drive towards austerity, the only kind of art and architecture that it supported were Stupas (stone cased moulds that commemorated relics of Budha), Chaityas (prayer halls) and Viharas (cells for the monks).

Come, discover the path to enlightenment with the Buddhist Circuit Special Train.

Day 01: Depart Delhi for Gaya

  • Welcome at Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station
  • Departure for Gaya
  • On-Board dinner
  • Overnight stay on-board

Day 02: Gaya / Bodhgaya

  • Early morning tea on-board.
  • Arrive Gaya. Proceed to Bodhgaya.
  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Visit Mahabodhi Temple and Niranjana River.
  • Lunch at Hotel.
  • Visit Thai Temple, Japanese Temple and Buddha Statue.
  • Dinner and Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Day 03: Rajgir / Nalanda

  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Visit Bimbisara Jail and Gridhkut hill
  • Lunch at Hotel.
  • Visit ruins of Nalanda University and Nalanda Museum
  • Dep. Varanasi by train.
  • Dinner and Overnight stay on-board

Day 04: Varanasi / Sarnath

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  • Early morning tea on-board.
  • Arrive Varanasi. Breakfast
  • Visit Sarnath, Dhamekh Stupa and Ashokan Pillar.
  • Lunch at Hotel.
  • Visit to Ganges's Ghat, Boat ride and Aarti
  • Dep. for Gorakhpur, Dinner and Overnight stay on-board

Day 05: Gorakhpur / Kushinagar

  • Early morning tea on-board
  • Arrive Gorakhpur. Proceed by coach to Hotel at Gorakhpur / Kushinagar
  • Check-in and Breakfast at Hotel
  • Visit Mahaparinirvan Temple, Rambhar stupa and Matakutir Temple.
  • Lunch and Dinner and Overnight at Hotel.

Day 06: Kushinagar / Lumbini

  • Early morning tea and breakfast at Hotel.
  • Proceed to Lumbini (Nepal) by bus.
  • Lunch at Hotel.
  • Visit Mayadevi temple and Ashokan Pillar.
  • Departure for Gorkahpur Railway Station.
  • Depart to Gonda by train, Dinner and Overnight stay on-board.

Day 07: Gonda / Sravasti

  • Early morning tea on - board.
  • Arrive Gonda. Proceed by coach to Sravasti.
  • Check-in and Breakfast at Hotel.
  • Visit Jetvana Vihara and Pakki Kuti.
  • Lunch at Hotel.
  • Return to Gonda Railway Station
  • Depart to Agra, Dinner and Overnight stay on-board.

Day 08: Agra / Delhi

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  • On board morning tea.
  • Arrive Agra. Breakfast.
  • Visit World famous Taj Mahal.
  • Departure for New Delhi.
  • On-board lunch and Evening Tea.
  • Arrival at Delhi Safdarung Railway Station.

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