Buddhist Heritage Festival at India Habitat Centre New Delhi, India

Buddhism can encourage spirituality in a generation that has grown up on materialism and an over-emphasis on the importance of the individual rather than the collective. Thus the Global Buddhist Congregation will actively engage with young people and seek to communicate how the Dhamma can provide a healthy, happy and moral path for modern living. The Congregation aims to reach out to the youth through a Buddhist Cultural Heritage Festival that will include stage performances, film shows and art, photography and book exhibitions from various countries.

Date Programme Time Venue
24 Nov Inauguration of Buddhist Heritage Festival 7 PM* Amphitheatre
24 Nov Chants by Vidya Rao 7:30 PM Amphitheatre
24 Nov Chham (mask dance) by monks of Key Monastery, Himachal Pradesh 8 PM Amphitheatre
25 Nov Presentation by Benoy K Behl 7 PM* Amphitheatre
26 Nov Traditional Dance by Cultural Troupe from Bhutan 7 PM* Amphitheatre
26 Nov Talk by Sogyal Rinpoche 7:30 PM Amphitheatre
27 Nov Traditional Nepali Music by Kutumba 7 PM* Amphitheatre
28 Nov Spritual Rock By Dhamma Bums 7 PM* Amphitheatre
29 Nov Raghu Rai in conversation with Patrick Sutherland 7 PM* Amphitheatre
Date Programme Time Venue
24-29 Nov Joint Photography Exhibition
(Inauguration on 24 Nov at 7 PM)
10AM - 9:30PM Visual Arts Gallery
24-29 Nov Making of Sand Mandala & Butter Sculpture by Monks of Palpung  Sherab Ling  Monastery, Himachal Pradesh 10AM - 9:30PM Open Palm Court Gallery
24-29 Nov Book Festival
(Inauguration on 24 Nov at 7 PM)
10AM - 9:30PM Adjecent to Amphitheattre
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